Kernel 2.6.0test1 Mini-HOWTO

From: Marino Fernandez (
Date: 07/22/03

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    Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 23:16:01 -0500

    After much fiddling, I finally made this kernel work fine with my machine
    (Fujitsu C 7651 lifebook (Laptop)), Pentium III, I830m integrated graphics,
    PCMCIA modem (thanks to shitty winmodem).

    1) make a /sys folder
    2) enter this in fstab:
    sysfs /sys sysfs defaults 0 0
    none /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults 0 0
    3) apt-get instal modules-init-tools
    4) Copy .config file from the previous kernel (mine is 2.4.21)... although I
    am not 100% sure this is needed.
    5) make menuconfig (deselect the many many modules that won't compile; my
    previous kernel was based on a Knoppix install, with all sorts of modules
    that I don't really need):

    Loadable module support
            Enable loadable module support y
            Module unloading y
            Kmod y
    #You can enable ACPI here... I have not tried it
    Power Management Options
            Power management support y
            APM BIOS support M
    #This section is specific for my machine, to enable my PCMCIA modem
    Bus options
            Support for hotplugable devices y
                    PCMCIA/Cardbus support
                            PCMCIA/CB support y
                            yenta compatible.. M
                            i82092 y
                            i82365 y
                            Databook TCIC M
    Input device support
            Input devices y
            Mouse interface y
            Legacy /dev/psaux y
            Horizontal screen resol 1024
            Vertical screen resol 768
            Event interface y
            Keyboards y
            AT keyboard support y <-- without this you won't have keyboard support
            Mice y<-- nor mouse support (touchpad in my case).
            PS/2 mouse y
    Char devices
            Virtual teerminal y
            Support for console VT y
            Serial drivers
                    8250/16550 PCMCIA y <-- I need this for my PCMCIA card
            /dev/agpgart support y
            Intel 440LX/BX/GX, I8xx... y <-- Specific for my graphic card
            DRM y
            I810 y <-- Specific for my graphic card
            I830M... 865G y <-- Specific for my graphic card
    Graphic support
            Support for framebuffer dev y
            VESA VGA graph sup y
            Console display driver sup
                    VGA text console y
                    Video mode select support y
                    Framebuffer console support y <-- You need this to enable framebuffer
    support in the console
    Sound y
                    ALSA y <-- This does not work for me, no sound; I only get sound if I
    enable OSS
                    OSS API emul y
            OSS ? <-- see above. I only get sound with OSS
    #I need all of the following to be able to use my sony USB digital camera and
    to mount it as /dev/sda1
    USB support
            support for usb M
            USB dev fs y
            EHCI HCD M
            OHCI HCD M
            UHCI HCD M
            USB mass storage M
    8) make, make modules_install
    9) Change grub/lilo

    To use USB
            load usbcore, uhci-hcd, usb-storage
             mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb

            A) Fix/enable ALSA
            B) Try ACPI

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