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Date: 08/23/03

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    Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 21:37:18 -0400

    recently switched to debian after years with windows, i am enjoying the experience, although at times i get frustrated - i know that is my fault and not my computer (or operating system - or linux - or debian - or yours)

    my current dilemma is with ports:

    understanding them, and working with them

    i use a program called edonkey - which requires port(s) 4662, 4665, and 4661 (i don't think that last two are important as the first) to be open and available

    using nmap i see that several ports are already open accepting connections - and these ports have certain programs or services assigned to them
    (i don;t think that supplying the open ports is important - but i could be wrong)

    while looking at "/etc/inet.dconf" and "/etc/services" i see that these programs and/or services have to be "declared" or "assigned" to a certain port number (or actually vice versa)
    (side question: is my understanding of this false?)

    i tried to input "edonkey" along with the corresponding port number inside the two aformentioned configurations files

    i entered this into "/etc/inetd.conf":
    edonkey stream tcp nowait amg /usr/local/bin/edonkey/donkey0.50.1
    (please use your imagination for the other two ports)

    and this into "/etc/services":
    edonkey 4662/tcp edonkey # edonkey
    (again, your imagination is required)

    i then rebooted (just to make sure it was read correctly (special reminder: i am new at this))

    and the corresponding ports were not opened - or available (using nmap)

    doing research on the web (mainly google - along with - and some i come across information pertaining to iptables and ipchains, and other firewall information.

    i dont have ipchains or iptables installed, so assigning them access would accomplish nothing (correct?)

    so, my question (along with the inter-dispersed) and my assumption is i don't have a firewall running on my computer (from what i can tell - very bad - but please limit your response to what's coming up next), certain ports are in a closed state, although my declarations in the two configuration files seem(to me) to be correct.

    do i need to start edonkey as a service to allow it access to listen to a port (using it in a certain runlevel and/or a symbolic link inside that specific runlevel)?
    (and if so how would i do this)

    is there another configuration file i should be editing?

    does debian come with a firewall as default? from what i can tell it doesn't - and i don't remember selecting one from the initial install - and certainly don't remember downloading one using "apt-get"

    if it doesn't how do i allow my computer to listen to a certain port - and allow access to this specific port(s).

    if the above question (it might not seem like one) is too much of a pain to read (not knowing what i am doing doesn't help me ask a question in the best manner)
    i'm assuming it can be summed up with this:
    how do i allow my computer to "open a port" (listen on a port)
    if you're answer is "some command pertaining to this firewall" - i don't have one installed
    also - if you're response is to "read the ****ing manual" - specify which one (i have read inetd - but couldn't figure out another one that would apply)
    i hope i've explained my question properly - i tried to give all the supplying and relative information - but if there is something i have missed - i will supply it
    along with any information that you could provide me with, i would also like to recieve tips on asking questions - this way - when i come back (which i'm sure i'll do) i'll be able to ask in the most concise and compact manner possible, allowing those that would help me a better chance of understanding me, and allowing me a better way of presenting my problem
    my pc specs:
    (in case you need to know)
    distro: 	debian 3.0
    kernel:		2.4.18-bf2.4
    (anything else?)
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