Re: Buggy Kernel How-To?

From: Wolfgang Pfeiffer (
Date: 12/09/03

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    To: debian-user-list <>
    Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 13:52:51 +0100

    On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 17:28, David Z Maze wrote:
    > Wolfgang Pfeiffer <> writes:
    > > So, in short, what I found by googling about for some time: The correct
    > > way seems to be to put the kernel-source in my (non-root) home
    > > directory, and then
    > > cd /usr/src/
    > > ln -s /home/<someuser>/kernel-sources linux
    > >
    > > and then, as non-root, compile the kernel in
    > > /usr/src/linux/
    > >
    > > (And then forget about some of the stuff I read in the Kernel-HowTo
    > > ?)
    > I'd certainly believe that the Kernel-HOWTO isn't the best source of
    > information for compiling kernels on Debian. "Unpack, build, and
    > install everything as root" will *work* on every Linux out there, even
    > if it's unsafe.

    ... another reason why I came here: One of the first things, IIRC, I
    learned on Linux (on RedHat Linux then) was that the fact something
    *works* doesn't necessarily mean it's right ...

    > I'd look at the kernel-building documentation on
    > (specific to Debian).

    Thanks a lot: That seems to be exactly what I need currently ...
    As as we're already at it: Here's what I found on Kernel-Builds for

    The first document is on the very specifics of
    the new kernel, i.e. what's new in it, caveats etc..
    I found it on several URL's. The first one on
    doesn't work at the time of this writing, but I hope they're back soon:


    The following "article is targeted towards Linux users that are already
    comfortable with compiling their own 2.4 kernels" [ - excerpt] One
    could call it perhaps a "Kernel-2.6-HowTo"


    I can't guarantee for the quality of the URL's I found ...
    But I hope it helps anyway.

    > None of my machines have a /usr/src/linux. I don't miss it. On my
    > laptop I build kernels in /home/dmaze/src/kernel/kernel-source-$KVERS;
    > my home desktop machine builds kernels for both itself and my firewall
    > machine in /usr/local/src. Real root privileges are only involved in
    > building the kernel when I install the kernel-image packages using
    > dpkg and the subsequent reboot. :-)
    > > The background to all this is that I tried to get the kernel sources as
    > > non-root while being in /usr/src/<> with rsync:
    > > Which, IIRC, isn't possible. A non-root doesn't have the permission to
    > > download stuff to this dir, right?
    > Add yourself to the 'src' group to get write access to /usr/src; the
    > 'staff' group for /usr/local/src.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Best Regards,

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