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Date: 12/12/03

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    Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 15:46:08 -0500

    if you really have to do it in a low-level language, do it in assembly
    native to that processor. you can even write them inline within your
    C code.

    asm(" mnemonic_instruction operand, operand");

    At Friday, 12 December 2003, Alex Malinovich <demonbane@the-love-> wrote:

    >On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 14:04, Wesley J Landaker wrote:
    >> On Friday 12 December 2003 11:38 am, Aryan Ameri wrote:
    >> > Hi There:
    >> >
    >> > I am a first year CS student, learning C. A while ago I was asked
    >> > this question from a fellow friend of mine:
    >> >
    >> > "Write a program, which promts the uset to enter some numbers. The
    >> > user should terminate the sequence of numbers by entering EOF
    >> > character. The program should put numbers entered by the user
    in to a
    >> > 1D array".
    >> Hmmm... sounds a lot like a homework problem... =)
    >Yes, it does... :)
    >> Of course, the normal way to do something like this is to not use C,
    >> since it's way more low-level than you need.
    >But since the OP did say he was a CS major, I'd imagine that the whole
    >point would be to do it in a very low level language. :)
    >> It would be better to allocate memory in chunks, or better yet, do
    >> something like read the numbers into a linked-list and then copy
    >> to an array when you're ready to use them that way, or to use
    C++ and
    >> use the <vector> class, or something like that.
    >I definitely agree with the linked-list suggestion. I had thought that
    >most intro CS courses already cover linked list implementations. Either
    >way, if you haven't had linked lists as part of your curriculum yet,
    >learn how to do them now and it will put you ahead of the game for
    a lot
    >of your courses. The course that I took that introduced linked lists
    >took the better part of the semester to cover them though, in my
    >opinion, one or two labs max would have been sufficient.
    >And I wouldn't even bother putting the linked list into an array in the
    >first place. If you write a good linked list implementation (which,
    as I
    >said, would be a good exercise) it will already support all of the
    >functions that you're likely to need with an array, so you might
    as well
    >just keep it as a linked list.
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