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From: Jeff Green (
Date: 02/02/04

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    Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 19:11:46 +0000
    To: "W. B. Maguire II" <>

    I didn't see your original mail, as although I subscribe to the list I don't
    often get the time to read it all, I will however go back and find it now. I do
    have a kernel (2.4.18 I'm afraid) wit rocket raid module. Which I would be happy
    to send you to try if you wish. I'll read your mail and check it has all else
    you need, and see if I can see the best way for you to apply it.

    Jeff Green
    Systems Manager, Wisden CricInfo Limited
    W. B. Maguire II wrote:
    > At 10:03 AM 2/2/04 -0700, you wrote:
    >> On 2004-02-02, Uwe Dippel penned:
    >> > This was on Slashdot and this is what I see around me.  Very good,
    >> > applause !
    >> >
    >> > ... However, this list gets out of hands. With a few hundered posts
    >> > per day; it's almost impossible to follow.
    > Wow...  I was *just* considering whether I should take the time to post 
    > a message before un-subscribing to the list.  Since someone *else* 
    > brought-up the subject, I hope that my one, small opinion will be of help.
    >> > How about creating sub-topics ? Newbies, X, Kernel (2.6),
    >> > Applications, Advocating, General Discussion, Printing, you-name-it.
    >> > I'd like to learn, share and give, but currently about 80-90 % of what
    >> > I see is repetition, noise, shallow. Even clicking through
    >> > (downloading) takes simply too much time.
    > Yes!  More discretization is definitely needed!
    >> I think that genuine newbies who don't know how to find information in
    >> the first place, and may not know which domain applies to their
    >> particular problems, anyway, will end up posting to the "wrong" list
    >> anyway, and getting flamed for it ... causing more noise ...
    > Wrong, IMO!  I think it is quite arrogant to dismiss a "newbie" list 
    > because of an attitude that "newbies would be too dumb to find it!"  
    > *I'm* a Debian newbie, and *I* spent the time to find-out which list I 
    > should use for help on installing the distro!  Just because I'm a 
    > *Debian* newbie doesn't mean that I'm a complete idiot, and that there's 
    > no use trying to split-off a list for new users like me!  Sheesh!
    > And what about discretization in other areas?  I asked a question about 
    > the Debian install (3.0 r1) not recognizing my HDDs connected to a 
    > Rocket-133 PCI-IDE card (a few days ago---titled "New Debian install + 
    > Rocket133 = no HDDs!  (Please help...").  I followed-up my first post 
    > with some details I forgot (like the version of Debian and the fact that 
    > I tried *all* the installs, starting with the 2.4 kernel).  I included 
    > *lots* of detail---as much as I reasonably could.  Please look!  I spent 
    > a *long* time composing the e-mail, so that I could provide a 
    > reasonably-well-formed question.  The result?  I got *one* reply (thank 
    > you!), but it suggested: (1) use the "bf24" install---which I was 
    > already doing, and (2) build a new kernel for the install---an issue 
    > which I had addressed in my follow-up post (basically saying that I'd 
    > never compiled a kernel before, and even if I *did* compile a new 
    > kernel, I didn't know how to use *that* kernel for a Debian installation).
    > The end result?  The end result is unfortunate for Debian.  I really 
    > *did* want to try Debian, but with the only response I got to my 
    > hour-long-researching-post being "compile your own kernel", that pretty 
    > much shut this new-comer down!  So, I'm probably going to be using 
    > Gentoo instead.  I don't know yet whether I can get the Gentoo install 
    > to work with my Rocket-133 raid disks (created with a Red Hat 9 
    > install), but the documentation for Gentoo is very friendly, and I'm 
    > hoping that if I have a problem that I'll be able to get help---without 
    > my request for help getting drowned in a sea of 200 messages per day 
    > (and where many of the messages are just about general-interest or 
    > opinion topics---not experienced users helping new users).  In the few 
    > days that I have been on this list, I can say that I have seen many, 
    > many requests for help go unanswered.
    > Maybe I'll be able to give Debian a try at some point in the future, but 
    > at this point, it feels almost unsupported to me.  I'm not saying that 
    > there's no help here, I'm just saying that the volume is *crushing*, and 
    > that it seems that many of the requests for help are being lost in the 
    > volume!
    >> If there are many things you'd like to know about, why don't you post
    >> and ask about them?  No one is forcing you to read through all of the
    >> myriad threads on this list.  Just mark uninteresting threads "deleted"
    >> and move on.
    >> -- 
    >> monique
    > It sounds to me that you imply that anyone who doesn't have a good mail 
    > client just shouldn't bother with this list.  I, myself, haven't had the 
    > time to migrate to Mutt on my RH9 Linux box, so I'm temporarily 
    > putting-up with Eudora on Win98 (even though I *hate* it and Windows!).  
    > Once again, I find your attitude elitist.  Fine, maybe you and your 
    > *good* e-mail client can handle the volume on this list, but what about 
    > me and my *Windoze-average/crappy* e-mail client?  If the new Linux user 
    > *must* run Mutt (or any other good Linux client) to post to this group, 
    > then the majority of new Linux users are excluded.
    > Bruce.
    > p.s.  I'll stick-around for another day or so, to see the responses to 
    > this thread, but in the meantime I'm Gentoo-ing!  :-)
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