dual boot debian & Windoze, need advice

From: Paul E Condon (pecondon_at_peakpeak.com)
Date: 02/09/04

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    Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 13:06:38 -0700
    To: debian-user@lists.debian.org

    I want to dual boot an i686 machine with Debian Sarge and Windoze. My
    situation is somewhat special, so the directions that I find when I
    google the topic do not really apply IMHO.

    The i686 computer already has Sarge installed on a 60G HD, and Windoze
    XP installed on a 30G HD that is sitting inside the case. But the
    Windoze HD is currently disconnected from both the ribbon cable and
    the power cable.

    I want to add an appropriate stanza to lilo.conf and connect cables to
    get dual boot with a minimum of reinstalling. I would like to have the
    60G HD be hda under Linux, and the 30G HD be C: under Windoze. I would
    like to use lilo.

    My understanding is that bios boot code on an i686 looks at the MBR of
    the master drive on the first IDE channel to find the 2nd stage boot
    program, and that lilo overwrites this record.

    If I do the cabling so that Windoze HD is the slave drive, lilo should
    not touch the MBR of the Windoze HD. Correct?

    So what do I put in the Windoze stanza of lilo.conf to make boot program
    load Windoze? And is there a reasonable hope that Windoze can be made to
    think that the slave drive is C:? Or will it do this automatically?

    Or, am I crazy to be contemplating this?


    Paul E Condon           
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