Re: Problem getting sound to work

From: Mark Healey (
Date: 02/10/04

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    To: "Andreas Janssen" <>, "" <>
    Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 21:50:58 -0800 (PST)

    On Sun, 08 Feb 2004 09:16:36 +0100, Andreas Janssen wrote:

    >Mark Healey (<>) wrote:
    >> On Sat, 07 Feb 2004 09:18:24 -0600, Kent West wrote:
    >>>Mark Healey wrote:
    >>>>On Fri, 06 Feb 2004 22:21:09 +0100, Andreas Janssen wrote:
    >>>>>Mark Healey (<>) wrote:
    >>>>>>I have no sound.
    >>>>>>When I boot knoppix it uses via82cxxx_audio and works. I have that
    >>>>>>module installed so I added the line to my "via82cxxx_audio" to my
    >>>>>>/etc/modules. Still no sound.
    >>>>>>What do I check next?
    >>>>>Check if you are in the audio group, and if the channels are
    >>>>How do I do those? It also doesn't work as root. And, another bit
    >>>>of information. When I try system sounds there is nothing. When I
    >>>>try xmms it hangs (xmms, not the system).
    >>>In a terminal logged in as yourself, type "groups" to see what groups
    >>>you're in.
    >>>What kernel are you using ("uname -a")?
    >> 2.4.18-bf2.4
    >>>What modules do you have loaded ("lsmod")?
    >> Module Size Used by Tainted: P
    >> via82cxxx_audio 18144 1
    >> ac97_codec 9568 0 [via82cxxx_audio]
    >> soundcore 3236 2 [via82cxxx_audio]
    >> bcm4400 29180 1
    >> hpfs 61408 0 (unused)
    >> keybdev 1664 0 (unused)
    >> input 3072 0 [keybdev]
    >> usb-uhci 20708 0 (unused)
    >> usbcore 48032 0 [usb-uhci]
    >>>What's the output of "lspci" in regard to your sound card?
    >> [...]
    >> 3177 00:11.1 IDE interface: VIA Technologies, Inc. Bus Master IDE (rev
    >> 06) 00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. AC97
    >> Audio Controller (rev 50)
    >>>Use a mixer program (kmix, amix, aumix, GnomeMixer, etc) to make sure
    >>>your volume is not muted/too low.
    >> I couldn't find any of these instlled. I tried
    >> "apt-get install GnomeMixer" and was told it doesn't exist.
    >It is not included in Woody. If you use Gnome in Woody, try gmix
    >instead. It is in the gnome-media package.

    That was a disaster. I installed the package and there were no
    errors. I then typed gmix and the the top and bottom task bars
    stopped responding to mouse clicks or redrawing when something is
    placed over them and subsequently moved. Fortunately I still had the
    terminal window open and was able to shutdown. Upon restarting and
    relogining the control center and terminal window were open again but
    not indicated in the bottom taskbar. Again the bottom taskbar wasn't
    responding to mouse clicks.

    I uninstalled gnome-media and the problem persists.

    This problem doesn't exist if I login as a normal user.

    As it stands now if I login as root the control center and a terminal
    window are open and the task bars at the top and bottom are useless so
    the only way I know of to logout is to shutdown and then login as a
    normal user.

    It looks like some gnome settings got hosed.

    This is starting to feel alot like working on a Windows machine.

    What I need to know now is how do I get the gnome settings for the
    root account back to where they were before this started.

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    Mark Healey
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