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Date: 02/11/04

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    To: ~Honorable Dr Lou Who <>
    Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 10:14:53 -0500

    I know this is an answer to a troll, but here goes!
    On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 02:56, ~Honorable Dr Lou Who wrote:
    > Nice site! Question
    > Why don't you have installs for like Compaq 850 Intel chips? Or old
    > 200 chips? or 500 Athelons, NOT SERIAL number codes?

    Compaq's PC machines have used various Processors, namely:
    Pentium, Athlon, Cyrix, VIA and so on.
    Those particular CPU (Chips) are all covered under the "Intel x86"

    > Or any of my other pc's and old laptops and pc that run windows?

    See previous Answer

    > Like my 160 chip pc with 256 megs of ram or my 200 athelon chip?

    Once again see first answer.

    > I have a Compaq Presario but testing in a generic 200 Pentium PC,
    > guess you have NOT advanced in 5 years CAUSE....

    Another "See first Answer" answer.
    > All you have is
    > Installation Manual for Alpha

    Alpha is a Very Very Very Well designed processor. It was originally
    developed by Digital Equipment Corporation. Since been purchased by
    Compaq which has been merged with HP.

    > Installation Manual for ARM

    Do you even understand "Architecture" of computers. this is one of them.
    Typically I have seen them in "Internet Appliances" and so on.

    > Installation Manual for HP PA-RISC

    This architecture in particular is the Processor of the HP-UX machines
    that HP sells. Debian also provides a Port for it.

    > Installation Manual for Intel x86

    Here "x86" is the ONE architecture for you. It covers all of your
    machines mentioned, please it.

    > Installation Manual for Intel IA-64

    This is the Itanium (1 and 2) version of Debian Linux.

    > Installation Manual for Motorola 680x0

    This is the architecture for the older Apples and Amiga (and others) PC
    that has since (I believe) gone out of production quite a while ago. But
    it is still very usable.

    > Installation Manual for MIPS

    Ever heard of SGI? They are one of the Old and established powerhouses
    that basically have and still provide many "Motion Picture" Effects
    houses with machines to do the work. MIPS is the Processor Architecture.

    > Installation Manual for MIPS (DEC)

    Well, this particular MIPS version is the other variant that has changed
    the way it uses data. But, Debian Still supports it.

    > Installation Manual for PowerPC

    This is currently the Processor for IBM's RS6000 and also the Processor
    for the Current Crop of Apples Machines (G3/G4/G5), pretty much a Cream
    of the Crop architecture right now.

    > Installation Manual for IBM S/390

    IBMs s390 is the MainFrame everyone has been talking about. If Debian
    has this and has it working... well you cannot claim we have not

    > Installation Manual for SPARC

    This is the SUN's architecture. Pretty much the whole line that produce.
    Some of the Fastest machines in the world are SPARC.

    > Please contact me when you make operating systems for the rest of the
    > 99.99% of us!

    Please contact us when Microsoft Provides Windows for more than the x86

    > If that's suppose to be where I start to find this, NO ONE WILL EVER
    > INSTALL, couldn't you have kept it simpler for beginner who switch
    > from MS????\

    If Linux was pre-installed as much as Windows is pre-installed you would
    not have any gripe.

    I would Like to see YOU install Windows From scratch without knowing
    what Hardware is inside. Debian does this regularly.

    > Like, what person in there right mind knows even what your talking
    > about above or where to proceed?

    You cannot even understand the Proper terms for computing system "Compaq
    850 Intel chips" does not tell anyone the Processor you have. Now
    granted *I* know what Compaq uses... Prbably an 850MHz Celeron Processor
    on a presumably Intel 440 chipset motherboard.

    When you understand how to describe AMD's CPU as an ATHLON and not an
    Athelon... Oh, BTW Athelon 200 (Presumably Athlon 200MHz) Has never
    existed... now Maybe and AMD K6II 200MHz has existed, but that like you
    said is an older machine.
    > And if you tell a Windows ME person like me, with Linux websites that
    > don't understand ANY of the LINUX sites, that's bad.

    If you will not take the TIME to actually Read and see what you need to
    learn, we are far from being able to help you. REMEMBER, free OS made by
    Volunteer (which is what Debian GNU/Linux is) is FREE. If you want a
    Debian based Linux Distribution, then try They
    will gladly take your money and send you a 4 question to install
    > YOU MUST ELABORATE ON ABOVE LINKS, like for PC266 chips to 1.2 gigs
    > Pentium and the next Athelon.

    PC266 probably mean Pentium 2 266MHz or in generic terms i686. Athelon
    is also considered i686.

    > Gee's this is bad! Then to tell me or any user to read 4,000 PAGES AND
    > COME BACK!

    I will never tell you to read 4,000 pages, because you wouldn't even
    read 4. If you can't help yourself by bringing up your Computer
    knowledge a wee-little-bit, why should I just tell you the answers.

    I have always felt the best way to help some is not but just giving the
    answer, but by giving them the info or locations of that info for them
    to find and understand for themselves. IOW:

      Give a man a fish, he eats for a day.
      Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

    > Really now! Apparently you don't want it to succeed!

    Sorry Lou, you are setting yourself up to not succeed.

    > ~Lou
    > Thanks!
    > ~Honorable Dr Lou Who -
    > Now boasting 56 current websites! So Do You LouWho???

    Yikes and please remove that Horrendous signature. It brings you no
    friends in the Linux community.

    And BTW, I am hosting quite a few websites on Debian Linux without much
    effort. I hope you are not using that Horribly insecure Microsoft
    Operating System, which has glaring holes in it found Daily.

    Cheers. Oh and Read my Signature Block and go find out Who Ed Curry
    is/was, as he died due to stress brought on by a certain company.

    Novell's Directory Services is a competitive product to Microsoft's
    Active Directory in much the same way that the Saturn V is a competitive
    product to those dinky little model rockets that kids light off down at
    the playfield.

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