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Date: 02/26/04

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    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 14:48:19 -0500

    On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 13:25:05 -0500
    "Bob Tilley (AT&T)" <> wrote:
    > One of my boxes at home is a 2.1GHz Dell 2350 that came preloaded with
    > Windows XP. (I reloaded the machine with Windows 2000.) It has the
    > specs given at the driver site listed below.
    > The other is a 600MHz Celeron with a SoundBlaster Live! card, D-Link
    > 530-TX+ ethernet, and a Riva TNT2 Ultra video card. The 2.6 Linux
    > kernel is living fat and happy on the machine.
    > The link below has network and graphic drivers for the 2350 but not the
    > sound drivers.
    > Does anyone know where the Linux drivers for the ADI 198X Integrated
    > Audio system can be downloaded? I want to use a 2.1GHz CPU for Linux
    > and run Windows on my 600MHz.

    I'm pretty sure by ADI 198x that they mean they could have used any of
    the ADI 1980, ADI 1981A, ADI 1981B, or ADI 1985. Sorta like like
    referring to the VIA 82cxx series of chips.

    You're using the 2.6 Linux kernel, which means you're using ALSA.
    If I go to the ALSA website, at , and
    click on "supported soundcards" and scroll down to Analog Devices,
    I see that all of these audio chipsets are supported, by either
    the intel8x0 driver if it's on an Intel motherboard, or the via82xx
    driver if on a VIA chipset motherboard. According to Dell's
    customer support website, the Dimension 2350 has an Intel motherboard.
    So, from this quick bit of websurfing, it looks like the intel8x0
    ALSA driver is the one you want. You have ALSA installed, so you
    may already have that driver ready. If not, you could build it
    against your current kernel fairly easily.


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