Re: why so many processes listening?

From: Chris Metzler (
Date: 03/15/04

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    Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 19:51:52 -0500

    On Sun, 14 Mar 2004 15:05:11 -0800
    scott <> wrote:
    > Hi all! I'm running a knoppix originated sarge/sid box with the 2.6.3
    > kernel, and I was wondering if y'all could help me out here.
    > When I type netstat -anp, it appears a whole lot of system processes
    > are listening, I'm wondering, which of these do I not need,

    That depends entirely on what you want to have running on your system.
    No one can answer that for you.

    > and which
    > boot config file do I need to edit to stop them from loading again on
    > reboot?

    Generally, you don't. Instead, you use the rcconf or update-rc.d
    commands to select which services you want to run at boot-time. You
    should look at section 2.4 of the Debian Reference, at

    as well as the man pages for rcconf and update-rc.d.

    > Also, why so many with the kdeinit process?

    Those are UNIX domain sockets, rather than open TCP/IP ports, as the
    headers for the output of the command says. As for why kdeinit uses
    so many sockets, I presume it talks with a lot of other threads.

    > I'm reading the Oreilly 'running linux' but it doesn't say anything
    > about most of these processes.
    > Background info, I have two machines, and
    > running behind a linksys router. I don' t currently share any
    > information between them, and am not needing to run any webserver or
    > streaming or ftp or ssh programs. any help would be appreciated.

    If you don't need those things, then it's a good idea to not even have
    them installed. The installation scripts for Debian packages of
    services like apache etc. assume that if you're installing the package,
    it's because you want to use it; so also installed are scripts to fire
    the service up at boot time. If you don't want that, then you can make
    your system more secure by making those services *not* start at boot,
    through the commands above. But an even better option is to not have
    them installed unless you need them.

    The "Securing Debian" Manual may be useful to you:


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