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From: Mark Ferlatte (
Date: 03/30/04

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    Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 10:51:28 -0800

    Michael Bellears said on Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 03:04:58PM +1000:
    > 1. What is the recommended method to synch config files on all "real"
    > servers (Eg. Httpd.conf, horde/imp config files etc?) - Have only one
    > server that admins connect to for mods, then rsync any changes to the
    > other servers?
    Not sure about "recommended", but cfengine is pretty good. You can go a long
    way with CVS + cvsup, too, but I think the best solution is to put configs in
    CVS/subversion, and use cfengine to handle deploying new versions of configs.

    > 2. What about logfiles - We would have all users mail etc on an NFS
    > share - Can you do the same for logfiles?(Or do you get locking issues?)

    logserver, as mentioned before.

    > 3. Imaging of Servers - I have looked at SystemImager
    >, and it looks to do exactly what I want
    > (i.e. be able to create a bootable CD from our SOE for deployment of new
    > serverfarm boxes, or quick recovery from failure) - Can anyone provide
    > feedback as to it's effectiveness?

    I love it. I've got a cluster of about 200 machines that I manage using
    systemimager. If you're installing onto newer hardware, you will almost
    certainly have to build a custom si kernel to add newer drivers for ethernet
    cards or RAID cards. It's not particular difficult, just a tad time consuming.

    Notes below are how to add a newer e1000 driver to the systemimager kernel; it
    may help.


    mkdir ~/src/systemimager
    cd ~/src/systemimager
    apt-get source systemimager # ~ 45MB
    cd systemimager-3.0.1
    tar -xjf systemimager-3.0.1.tar.bz2
    cd systemimager-3.0.1
    make patched_kernel-stamp

    There is now a systemimager kernel source tree in src/linux-2.4.20

    Download the e1000 source from Intel:

    mkdir ~/src/e1000
    cd ~/src/e1000
    tar -xzf e1000.tar.gz
    cd e1000/src
    Edit Makefile:
        Set KSP = ~/src/systemimager/systemimager-3.0.1/systemimager-3.0.1/src/linux-2.4.20
    cp e1000.o ~/src/systemimager/systemimager-3.0.1/systemimager-3.0.1/initrd_source/my_modules
    cd ~/src/systemimager/systemimager-3.0.1/systemimager-3.0.1/initrd_source/my_modules
        Add nsmod ./e1000.o'
    cd ~/src/systemimager/systemimager-3.0.1
    Edit FLAVOR
        Change it to something else (like e1000) for testing.
    make binaries
        Go get lunch... this takes a _long_ time.
    sudo make install_binaries
        This puts the binaries into /usr/share/systemimager/boot/i386/e1000

    Now copy kernel, config, and initrd.img from e1000 to the master "standard"
    image, and to the master /tftpboot.


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