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Date: 05/13/04

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    Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 00:58:58 -0500

    Rick wrote:
    > Can I use rpm command to access deb DB?

    rpm is available in the Debian package of the same name (rpm). However,
    any packages you install with the rpm command will not be managed by the
    Debian package management system. .deb is the native package format of a
    Debian system.

    You can attempt to convert .rpm packages to .deb packages using the
    tools available in the alien package. However, conversion will not
    always be successful and may not produce the results you expect.

    It is best to install software on your Debian system from .deb packages.

    If you can not locate a .deb package for the software you wish to
    install in the official Debian repositories [1], you can also try [2] for third-party apt repositories of all types or [3] for third-party apt repositories for the stable
    distribution only.

    If you need assistance configuring your system to install software, feel
    free to consult the Debian manual [4], search the list archives [5], or
    ask here on the list.



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