Re: Edit/Change Locations in Twisted .Deb?

From: Bob Proulx (
Date: 05/17/04

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    Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 11:42:20 -0600

    Jared Warren wrote:
    > So what I'm wondering: is it possible to edit the file locations in
    > an existing package, redirect file locations during package
    > installation, create an equivs-like package that tracks files (not
    > just metadata), or quickly throw together a package that just puts
    > files in various locations?

    It should be possible to unpack a .deb, move things around, and repack
    it. But I would advise that you fix the install locations. I know
    you said you would rather not. But that is the root of the problem.
    I really doubt it will be that hard to do.

    > I'd prefer somehow using the existing, twisted package rather than trying to
    > fix `make install` (mostly because I don't really know what I'm doing) and I
    > want the app's files to be tracked by dpkg for the usual reasons. I'd
    > appreciate advice on the least-painful way to accomplish this goal?

    > * <> in case you were wondering.

    Almost certainly the problem will be in the I assume you
    did the cvs checkout. Which means you have the build tools (autoconf
    and automake) needed to rebuild the package or you would not have
    gotten this far. Which means you can modify the *.am files and
    everything will rebuild.

    You did not say which files were out of place. I cannot guess from
    looking at the Makefile. Perhaps you could say what is in the wrong
    place and someone could then guess as to how to fix it?



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