Re: Stalled AT Poor Man's install with KNOPPIX 3.4

From: Ishwar Rattan (
Date: 06/09/04

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    Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 14:31:51 -0400 (EDT)
    To: debian-user <>

    To boot from hard-disk, you have to install it on disk first.

    1. boot the system using Knoppix-3.4 cd
    2. on boot prompt choose
            knoppix26 lang=en
    3. in the console window type
       cp /usr/sbin/knoppix-installer .
       sudo ./knoppix-installer
       (follow it from there..)


    On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, ts wrote:

    > Hi!
    > Just downloaded knoppix3.4 iso (KNOPPIX_V3.4-2004-05-17-EN.iso)last night under windows ,
    > I have many times used the FAQ located at
    > (
    > to install the KNOPPIX 3.4 from my hard drive instead of from CDROM.
    > I extracted KNOPPIX( by Deamon tool3.46) to D:\KNOPPIX\ .
    > strangly I found knoppix3.4 doesn't contain "mkfloppy.bat"& "boot-en.img" anymore.
    > later I tried "mkfloppy.bat"& "boot-en.img" from KNOPPIX3.0 cd ,it just couldn't find knoopix file on
    > "D:"(hda3)....I just stalled there........
    > later on I tried with Booting from the Knoppix3.0 CD
    > ==========
    > knoppix26 bootfrom=/dev/hda12/Downloads/KNOPPIX_V3.4-2004-05-17.iso
    > =============
    > it returned with: no such kernel.............
    > What should i do to install from HD properly?any more concise methods?
    > pls. inform the actual commands step by step!
    > Thanks in advance!
    > Regards!
    > TOM
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