Re: Telnet broken on Woody? (was Help with telnet...)

From: Bob Proulx (
Date: 06/28/04

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    Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:45:40 -0600

    Scott wrote:
    > Any other suggestions? It just appears telnet is broke on woody.

    telnet works fine on woody. I hate to admit to it but we have it
    installed on all of our machines and it works fine. I recommend using
    telnetd-ssl insetad of telnetd becuase ssh will nag you about it
    otherwise. A darn nuisance.

    > I have searched the archives and invariably when wnayone wants to
    > set it up they get a lecture on how to use ssh instead.

    Only because telnet is an intrinsically insecure protocol. So most
    people won't admit to using it.

    > Not one single article I could
    > find where anyone who asked for help with telnet on woody got it to work
    > :-(.

    I can only think that your problem is that you are trying to use
    xinetd. It is probably xinetd which is broken. Woody I really an
    inetd based system, not xinetd. Basically I think you have a broken
    xinetd and not a broken telnetd.

    > Any other suggestions? Anyone?

    Go back to using inetd as is normal for a stock woody box. If not
    then I would be willing to help since I have used that configuration
    for years. I have not ever used xinetd and know little about it.



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