Re: Debian install breaks on 'Configuring Locales'

From: Kent West (
Date: 07/23/04

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    Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 21:07:07 -0500

    John Hechtman wrote:

    > I moved from Suse to Slackware, because the stock Suse was WAY slow.
    > And then from Slackware to Debian because no one can tell me why my floppy
    > drive mounts in read-only in Slackware when using any GUI.
    > Now I've dl'd the Debian CD iso images and burned them to disks.
    > This is with the 'Woody' 30r2-i386 set of seven CD's, plus the updates CD.
    > I started the install, and it went fine through the first part.
    > But it breaks each time at 'Configuring Locales'. You can select more
    > locales, but the 'Enter' key will not give an 'accept' - it just sits
    > there.
    > No key on the keyboard will 'accept', and get me past this.
    > In fact, after it breaks on the first cycle, the 'Enter' key brings up the
    > 'Help' menu.
    > This is using disk 1 - the 'vanilla' kernel. I tried it with bf24 to
    > see if that helps - it didn't.
    > Can't I get a stock version of Linux to run 'out of the box', with decent
    > speed? I'm not asking a lot, Web access, email, and a functioning floppy
    > drive...
    > Further, the Debian install doc, which was lovingly detailed up to Chapter
    > 8, breaks down and does not deal with several of the screen options
    > presented during setup. Including, of course, the 'Configuring Locales'
    > option, or any way of avoiding it.
    > Can I scream now, or must I wait?

    You can scream any time you want. You're going to be frustrated no
    matter what, if you're new to Linux. It's a different world. On the
    other hand, once you've spent some time here, going back to Windows will
    frustrate you more. So if you're going to turn back, do it now, before
    you get spoiled.

    I can't answer your specific question, but I can tell you that if you
    have network access, you'll do better to forget the CDs and instead
    download the 100MB CD image for the new beta Sarge installer, and
    install just the base stuff, then use the network to pull down what you
    want. You'll get fresher (newer) packages, and it'll probably go a lot
    smoother (the new beta installer is better than the old Woody installer).

    You can find the beta installer at:

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