Re: OT: Winblowz antivirus management on Linux

From: Karsten M. Self (
Date: 08/08/04

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    Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 04:12:21 -0700

    on Sat, Aug 07, 2004 at 05:47:51PM +0700, cep welly ( wrote:

    Please set your mailer/editor linewrap to 68-75 characters. I strongly
    recommend 72 as a good default.

    While many mail clients will accomodate unwrapped text:

      - Some don't. Be considerate.

      - Many more fail to wrap and attribute quotes properly.

      - Many web-based list archives render unwrapped text as very long
        lines, e.g.:

    Thank you.

    I'd also recommend a couple of linefeeds between paragraphs.

    > Just curious....Any available winblowz antivirus product that provide
    > management system and tool under Linux ?

    Free: clamav

    Several proprietary products offer Linux solutions as well, with network
    scan capabilities. RAV IIRC discontinued this after being bought by
    Microsoft (gee....let's _kill_ our own product), CAV offers this
    according to marketing materials).

    > Suppose that there are many winblowz boxes in the network, and there's
    > a Linux machine that manages all thing such as virus definition update
    > ( clients update their antivirus from this machine while the machine
    > keep updating antivirus database from the vendor server over the
    > internet ),

    You can provide for this via several means, a transparent network proxy
    (most updates use http transfer) being among the simplest.

    > outbreak preveting program, centralized scan ( in case any virus treat
    > come up or the damage is done ), web-based management tool. I think
    > it would be great if there's any ....

    You need to do your research before posting. There are many products
    providing these capabilities.


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