Re: ressurecting a failed attempt to upgrade to sarge, w/out tossing /home

From: RRPotratz (
Date: 09/08/04

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    Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 10:17:33 -0500
    To: matthew bradley <>

    matthew bradley wrote:

    >Hi All,
    >I'm in a slightly frustrating situation due, primarily, to two things: my
    >relative amateur use of Linux, and this particular problem happening on a
    >Debian Linux box that I didn't originally setup. I'm particularly new to
    >Debian, and new to having to handle many things with linux.
    >I have a Dell PowerEdge 600SC, 2.4Ghz PIV, 80GB hard drive. It was running
    >At someone's suggestion, I edited my /etc/apt/sources.list to update
    >essentially to sarge (he had done it, he's vastly more experienced, I was
    >trusting, and then he became unavailable -- traveling, I should have
    >waited). I seemed to go through the process just fine, got asked some config
    >questions, I believe I answered them correctly and before I knew it, it was
    >over and I had a couple of errors about a couple of things that didn't
    >totally install (don't remember what they were, but I think I know what they
    >weren't -- didn't say anything LILO for example, that I saw).
    >Anyway, I rebooted to see how everything worked. And all I got was a black
    >screen with some text that spit back my processor speed, cache size, bus
    >speed, etc. And then, on a new line the character "LI" and a blinking cursor
    >after that.
    >Someone suggested that maybe LILO got screwed up or mis-installed. They said
    >I could possibly re-install LILO, from say a net-install CD that I had. I am
    >not sure how to buck the regular install process. When I try, I get pulled
    >into the disk partition tool. I am not sure what I need to do.
    >My goal is to resurrect this system without killing the data in /home.
    >The partition layout looks like, as displayed by the Sarge installer's
    >interface to the partition tool, including a couple of odd little icons:
    >IDE1 master (hda) - 80.0GB WDC WD800BB-75FRA0
    > #1 primary 57.5MB fat16
    > #2 primary 509.9MB swap (odd little smiley next to this)
    > #3 primary 79.4GB ext2 (odd little lightning bold/crooked arrow next
    >to this)
    >Any suggestions, particularly any detailed steps -- the hardest thing to
    >find -- would be very welcome.
    >Best regards,
    You didn't say for sure, but is home part of partition 3 or is it
    mounted on partition1? Also is this a dual boot system with windoze?


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