From: John Fleming (
Date: 09/11/04

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    To: <>
    Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 07:56:48 -0500

    Sorry bandwidth, but I've hit a wall trying to subscribe. My
    previously-subscribed debian-user email stopped about August 28th, and I've
    tried everything to get it back. I've tried UNsubscribing and SUBscribing
    from several different email addys, different ISPs, and from different

    No matter what/where, I don't receive ANYTHING from Debian - no confirmation
    requests, no email period.

    I've tried writing the listadmin. I don't believe I'm blacklisted in any

    I don't use any filtering that would cause a problem - nothing set to delete

    I'm relatively new and learn much from this list. I can read it in the
    archives or using gmane, but I'd much prefer to receive standard email from
    the list.

    If someone would help or could forward this email to someone that can, I
    would gretly appreciate it.

    Thanks! - John
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