Re: courier-mta + amavisd-new + spamassassin

From: Horst Bursik (
Date: 11/22/04

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    Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 21:39:09 +0100

    Hi, Frederik,

    I tested it with your 'recipe' but unfortunately it won't work.
    Amavis is not able to rewrite the emails because "SEND via PIPE"
    returns always: "550 5.1.1 Recipient unknown". But the recipient is of
    course working if I turn amavis of or if it didn't find anything.

    Is it possible, that you send me your amavisd.conf and/or your
    amavisd-new binary for comparing?

    I followed your recipe step by step and checked it about 10 times but
    somewhere with the filtering there must be a mistake or something

    On Sun, 21 Nov 2004 23:00:16 +0100, Frederik Dannemare
    <> wrote:

    >I haven't noticed any limitations in my particular setup, but on the
    >other hand, I may not be using features that you may want to use.

    Is amavis in your setup able to add additional header fields?

    Thanks for your help,

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