[OT] booting through RTC wake-up

From: Hugo Vanwoerkom (hvw59601_at_care2.com)
Date: 12/01/04

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    To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
    Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 11:19:28 -0600

    Hi Debian!

    I think this is OT.
    Anyway I don't know how to explain the following:

    I want to boot my KT7A mobo with Award Bios with a RTC wakeup event at
    1:45AM (to record music with mplayer from crontab)

    So I set that time in the menu.

    I use a voltage regulator to plug the system into (I live in Mexico
    outside of the city - really don't know if that is still necessary, what
    could happen?)

    It works and everything boots if I leave the voltage regulator ON.

    But if I put a timer between the power and the voltage regulator and pop
    the timer at 1AM, it does NOT work.

    The reason I want to put the timer in is because the voltage regulator,
    with the system turned off uses "a lot of" power, a relative term, but
    it sucks up juice and I want to avoid that ( 2x to 3x more power if you
    use a voltage regulator that is "on" with everything attached "off")

    So you say, "your timer is off". Took the timer home and used it with a
    lamp: timer is on-time.

    When I arrive in the AM, the system is powered up but not booted, acting
    as if the timer popped AFTER 1:45AM.

    The BIOS description in the Abit KT7A manual says on p.3-31 that the RTC
    Alarm can wake up the computer from "sleeping or power-off mode".

    The key to the problem seems to be that "state". When I use the power
    off button he goes apparently into "soft off/suspend" state as it says
    on the same page. But if I cut the power by tripping the power in the
    timer to "off" he goes into a different state from which there is no
    wake up.

    The manual is not very clear on that.

    In the meantime everything works without a voltage regulator and using
    the power off button. But we already knew that.

    What can go wrong w/o a voltage regulator?
    Why no wake up after cutting the power?

    Anybody follow this?


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