firefox and mozilla fail to pring if papersize is incorrect, is there a fix?

From: Ivan Teliatnikov (
Date: 05/23/05

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    To: debian-user <>
    Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 23:54:37 +1000

    I do not have xprint installed.

    I encountered a problem with the latest firefox and mozilla (in sarge
    and sid). Both firefox and/or mozilla fail to print to a remote cups
    server if paper size specified in File > Print > Properties is different
    from the paper size configuration of the printer the job is sent to.

    I am able to generate a postscript file ( by printing to a
    file. Spooling this file to a postscript printer fails.

    Cups detects that something is wrong; status of the printer changes to
    "job sent to printer, waiting for completion ..." or something similar
    and remains this way until next job is sent to a printer ( I not 100%
    about status).
    Logs on cups server are misleading. List of printed jobs shows that the
    job was printed successfully. May be it was sent successfully, but
    nothing comes out of the printer, so perhaps it should be marked as

    Parsing through ps2ps distiller, generates a normalised
    postscript file

    The normalised postscript is spooled without any problems.

    Can anyone confirm this behaviour?!

    It looks like a bug to me, but I not sure whom to report it to GUPS or
    mozilla? Or perhaps it is a printer's fault, because it is configured to
    reject jobs unless a correct paper size is used? Can any one advise,

    I found a reference to a similar bug printed on mozilla zine site.

    Posted: Nov Fri 15th 2002 3:17am Print always reverts to "Letter" paper
    size. It looks it still exists in firefox 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 but fixed in
    mozilla (in sarge).

    The date suggests that bug is over 3 years old and nobody cared about
    fixing it. This is a worry considering how many new features were added
    to firefox in the last 3 years.

    It is an interesting case because neither bugs are critical, but have
    cumulative effect on decreasing usability of firefox in production
    environment. I teach a small group of users to change settings to use
    preferred paper size ( with large number of users, this is
    impractical) , but I cannot expect from any user to remember to change
    paper settings every time application is restarted.

    In academic and business environment web browser is a flagman
    application, it is used to view (on screen or paper) and manipulate ,
    financial documents, date, information (books, papers, documents, etc).

    Inability to print or even unreliable printing means that software is
    not suitable for production work. In my opinion, combined effect of
    these two bugs is a new - critical bug which makes firefox unsuitable
    for stable release.

    Summary of questions

    Can someone please confirm that firefox is not able to print when paper
    size does not match on on the printer?

    Is it possible to configure firefox to use a certain paper size?

    Should I report failure to print to cups or mozilla?

    What status should be assigned to this bug?
    Thank you for your attention.


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