Re: rsync won't stop password prompt
Date: 08/19/05

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    Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 16:02:36 -0700

    Quoting Rob Brenart <>:

    > I'm trying to script an rsync process and I keep getting the password
    > prompt... here's my "script"
    > rsync -avz -e /usr/bin/ssh --password-file=/home/username/pwd.rsync
    > /home/user/test/ host:/home/username/test
    > And it works fine, but it prompts me for a password even though I'm
    > using --password-file
    > I also tried putting
    > export RSYNC_PASSWORD=pwd
    > but that didn't have an effect either.
    > Any help?
    You may want to try using rsync with ssh.
    I think the sarge version of rsync will automatically use ssh.
    The key to ssh, rsync and no passwords is to have manually generated
    ssh keys with a blank password. That way, when you ssh to another host,
    it just logs in.
    Combine it with rsync and away you go.
    A simple command like:
    # rsync -a host:/foo/ /foo/bar/
    should work fine with ssh.

    Check the ssh man page for more info on creating custom keys if you
    haven't been down that way before.


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