Re: Upgraded kernels, now eth0 and framebuffer are gone

From: Bob Proulx (
Date: 08/22/05

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    Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 20:31:44 -0600

    Malcolm Carlock wrote:
    > I guess my only wonderment is why these utilities aren't installed by
    > default.

    Good question. But the problem is how to do that?

    Certainly the new kernel you are installing does not *require* the
    'discover' package to be installed. So the kernel package can't list
    it as a Depends: because people not wanting discover would rightfully
    call that a bug. So how would this get installed automatically on an

    I suppose this could be documented more visibly in the upgrade release
    notes for the new kernel. I looked through the above guide and find
    that discover and hotplug are mentioned in the sound configuration
    only. I would prefer if this were documented as recommended in the
    kernel upgrade section. I just filed Bug#324401 with this addition
    suggestion for the release notes.

      Users upgrading from a non-modular bootstrapping linux kernel such
      as the Woody installer boot-floppies 2.4.18-bf24 kernel may need to
      specify driver modules to be loaded for their hardware when
      upgrading to the newer moduler 2.6 series kernel. The 'discover'
      and 'hotplug' packages are useful to detect hardware and to
      automatically load the required modules. It is recommended to
      install those packages prior to upgrading to a linux 2.6 kernel.
      The 'udev' package is also useful in conjunction with the linux 2.6
      kernel the /dev directory. But see the warnings below in the
      section "Switching to 2.6 may activate udev" for more detail.

    Anyone installing a new Debian installation using the new
    debian-installer will get discover and hotplug installed by default.
    It is a new installation without any history. The installer puts it
    there by default. After that further customization is allowed by the

    So this problem really only affects upgrades from a non-modular kernel
    to a modular kernel. I can't say most but everyone *should have*
    upgraded to a modular kernel in Woody and manually specified the
    drivers they needed in /etc/modules. But for those that didn't and
    are now upgrading from Woody to Sarge and find that all of the kernels
    in Sarge are modular they are now finding this problem on upgrades.



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