Re: [hardware] PCI IDE controller oddity

From: srg krn (
Date: 08/31/05

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    Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 23:05:20 +0200
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    in the lilo boot prompt you can specify where is the / filesystem with the
    "root=" parameter.

    On 8/31/05, Rodney D. Myers <> wrote:
    > I just attempted to install an "InClose ID-ATA66-2C PCI IDE
    > Controller", when initially installed and booted up, debian etch finds
    > it.
    > The problem. It rearranges the drive layout, and gives a kernel panic,
    > which is to be expected.
    > I then attempted to install the boot hard drive(s) onto the controller,
    > but the system just hung.
    > No manual came with the controller.
    > Any idea(s) how to get the computer to run with a dvd-writer attached
    > to this controller?
    > Thanks
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