odd problem with CDROM drive

From: Seth Goodman (sethg_at_GoodmanAssociates.com)
Date: 09/11/05

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    Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 13:36:54 -0500

    None of the various ISO CD's I've tried can get past the point in the
    installation where the boot kernel detects and mounts the CD. The machine
    can obviously read the CD, as it loads the kernel off the CD, detects
    hardware and sets up to do the netinstall. I installed using boot floppies
    (Sarge w/2.6.8 kernel using expert mode). The system functions properly:
    Exim works, desktop utilities work, Samba works, can SSH in from another
    box, but I still cannot mount a CD.

    I would attribute this to bad hardware except for the following. I
    downloaded and burned an ISO for Knoppix 3.9. When I boot the machine on
    that CD, it is then able to mount and examine the Knoppix CD. One obvious
    difference is the KDE desktop, another perhaps more significant one is the
    2.6.11 kernel. Any ideas how to approach this? It would be nice to be able
    to use the CD.

    The hardware is an IBM 300PL. There is one thing that I don't care for in
    the BIOS setup menu: you can't turn off shadowing of the video BIOS or the
    main BIOS. Despite this, the system that loads during the Knoppix boot
    could later mount the CD, so I don't think that was the issue.

    Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions.

    Seth Goodman
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