ps ax output and screen

From: Jan Steding (
Date: 09/27/05

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    Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 19:14:59 +0200

    Hello NG,

    i use two different linux server with debian on it. one with kernel
    2.4.20 and the other with 2.6.12.
    with the 2.6.12 kernel i get the right output from ps with screen:

    user01@sonne:$ ps ax|grep -i screen
     7203 ? Ss 0:00 SCREEN -A -m -d -S g99be ./XXXX
    31242 pts/2 R+ 0:00 grep -i screen

    with the other server i get not the right output from screen.

    user01@gs01:# ps ax|grep -i screen
    16141 ? Ss 0:00 [screen]
    16192 ? Ss 0:00 [screen]
    16240 ? Ss 0:00 [screen]

    the screen name is missing

    is this an failure in screen or ps?
    where can i fix the problem?

    best regards.


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