Re: SATA DVD not recognized

From: marc (
Date: 10/20/05

Date:  Thu, 20 Oct 2005 15:14:37 +0100

. said...
> Hi,
> I´m trying to get a Plextor 712-SA DVD drive working on an Asus A8N-SLI
> with kernel 2.6.13. I can load the libata and sata_nv modules, and there
> are messages about adding and removing SATA devices. Also, it says the
> SATA device on the first SATA port, which is the DVD drive, is being
> configured for UDMA33.
> I have only the first two SATA ports enabled in the BIOS, and they show
> up as scsi2 and scsi3. The system is SCSI only except for the DVD drive.
> I cannot access the DVD drive because there´s no device for it. It also
> doesn´t show up in /proc/scsi/scsi.
> I figure it should be accessible as /dev/sr1 or /dev/scd1 besides my
> SCSI CDROM which is scd0. But it doesn´t exist.
> Is there any documentation on the sata_nv and libata modules in the
> kernel docs? I couldn´t find anything useful for libata and nothing for
> sata_nv.
> Any ideas how I can get it working?
> Is there any manufacturer left making SCSI DVDs? SATA sucks.

SATA works pretty well here. A one line fix, that I've been using on a
laptop, involves activating ATAPI in include/linux/libata.h. I'm using
this on 2.6.13-3, and also used it on 2.12 kernels.

#undef ATA_ENABLE_ATAPI /* define to enable ATAPI support */
#define ATA_ENABLE_ATAPI /* define to enable ATAPI support */

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