Re: Fwd: orinoco wireless on sid

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 06:20:01PM -0500, Michael Marsh wrote:
> On 12/17/05, Peter Nuttall <p.s.nuttall@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > From your debugging output, I see that modprobe is trying to load the
> > module from the 2.4.27-2 directories. I haven't seen a problem like it
> > before, but you might want to see if you have a
> > /lib/modules/2.4.27-12-686 dir. Another thing to check is if the driver
> > is packaged seperatly.
> That's the directory that's there. The package is
> kernel-image-2.4.27-2-686, and the version is 2.4.27-12. The driver
> is included in that package (as reported by dpkg -S), and "apt-cache
> search orinoco" doesn't turn up anything else. The only other package
> that contains orinoco.o is pcmcia-modules, but there's only a 686-smp
> version of that, and I'm not running the -smp kernel. I tried
> modprobing the other modules that share a directory with orinoco.o,
> and they all load without problems (excluding the orinoco_*.o modules,
> with which I didn't bother), so it's not something that got screwed up
> for wireless in general.
> > Not knowing anything about the driver, and not having one to play with,
> > my only suggestion is to downgrade your kernel to the working version.
> The last working version isn't available, unless I'm missing
> something. The only earlier 2.4 kernel I can see in sid is 2.4.25,
> which is a hell of a downgrade. When I tried to boot into it after
> the 2.4.27 upgrade broke the driver, I got a kernel panic, so I'm not
> too comfortable with that option. is the place to look for old debs after they
get replaced. You could also see if the deb is still in
/var/cache/apt/archive/ (that path might be a bit wrong).


(run out of ideas)

> I don't know if the driver works properly in 2.6, but I'd really
> prefer not to do a major kernel upgrade, potentially breaking a lot of
> my current configuration, just to fix something that the kernel
> maintainers should be addressing.
> > Sorry I can't be more help.
> Hey, more help than anyone else so far -- many thanks for the effort.
> The list of bugreports for the 2.4.27 kernel doesn't exactly give me
> great hopes for a speedy resolution, unfortunately.
> Since the kernel-source package was upgraded to -12 (instead of being
> mismatched with kernel-image), I've been trying to build the modules
> myself, with limited success. I'm hoping that make-kpkg with
> /usr/share/kernel-package/config as my .config file will do the trick
> -- it's running at the moment.
> --
> Michael A. Marsh

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