Re: GNOME new file selection dialogs

On 6/13/06, Marc Wilson <msw@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, Jun 13, 2006 at 03:07:18PM +0100, Jon Dowland wrote:
> It's a shame that people still think of this as a concern:
> For the vast majority of people, I'd suggest that using
> GTK-apps or QT-apps in mutual exclusion is a serious case of
> premature optimisation and such people are missing out on
> some truly great software.

Unfortunately, while there are lots of GTK-based applications that don't
necessarily require Gnome, or can be built to not require Gnome, the same
thing cannot be said for QT-based applications. I have never found that QT
has wide acceptance outside the KDE community. Exceptions are applications
like scribus, but those are few and far between.

Don't forget Psi ( Of course I don't know exactly how many people
use it, but it seems to be fairly popular.

Starting a Gnome application ends up starting up gconfd, maybe loading a
comple libraries. Starting a KDE application leaves you with all sorts of
crap running, that doesn't go away. Thank you, but I don't need kdeinit
hanging around.

I used to get that problem (kdeinit hanging around), but I don't anymore.
I guess it was fixed in some upgrade.

Finally, I have never seen a KDE app that was worth bothering with. I'm
sure that someone will throw up k3b, but I'm not about to install all of
KDE just so that I can burn CD's. I found k3b's cutesy-poo interface
completely off-putting the one time I actually messed with it.

Well, I will mention k3b. And Amarok, Koffice, Quanta+ and Konq
(which is not my main browser or file manager, but still pretty nice).
But to each their own :-)

Of course, there are very few Gnome applications that're worth bothering
with, either.

Evince is the only one I can think of, but I haven't tried F-Spot (I don't
have any photos to speak of), or Epiphany (looks nice, although it
couldn't pull me away from Mozilla/SeaMonkey). Rhythmbox and
Totem seem like they will be good (but not great) if they can fix
the crashing problems they had last time I tried them.

I think both the actual desktops look great, but I get less distracted
when I use boring old Fluxbox (and FB has tabs).

And returning to the original topic, I don't get the hate for the GTK
file picker. Given a choice, I will take the QT version, but ever since
I learned that you can just start typing a path, it hasn't bothered
me much. Of course, I also usually just download to ~/Downloads
and if it needs moved, I move it from the command line.


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