Re: CUPS dependencies

John Hasler <jhasler@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

RLH writes:
The problems we now are experiencing with CUPS appear to be a consequence
of the transition to Etch.

I haven't noticed any change in the level of complaints about CUPS. It
seems to me that they have been pretty much constant since it was
introduced. It appears to be one of the top reasons for new users to give
up on Linux.

This is curious.

I've been running Debian since the introduction of Potato. I was
content with lprng, and experienced minor problems when CUPS was
introduced. But I had not a bit of trouble with CUPS under Sarge. I'm
running a variety of printers: a HP laser on the parallel port, a HP
laser with JetDirect, a OKI dot matrix on USB.

I've had no problems with CUPS until I did a clean install of Etch a
few weeks ago, and even so, the problems are only minor. I get job
cover sheets which I do not wish to print, and it has been necessary to
go through the "modify printer" dialogue each time I boot the computer.

Other than that, CUPS "just works".

I've installed Debian on a number of desktop systems, and getting CUPS
running never has been a problem. I find it much easier to install
a printer with CUPS than with lprng.


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