Re: Kernel panic on Dell with Debian

Yes, I was on this way: initrd.

But when compiled the new kernel with --initrd parameter, it seems that the initrd isn't in the package.
Also, I ran the mkinitrd -o output, and the command doesn't create the output file and doesn't report me any mistakes.

So, any suggestions about how to create this initrd?

Very thanks for your help.

Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
On 18.10.06 15:51, Luiz Felipe wrote:
I've tried to install Debian Sarge in a Dell PowerEdge 1425. The CD doesn't recognize the SCSI adapter (AIC), but I've found one ISO which contains the driver needed (

After successfully installed, the system doesn't have support to iptables. So, recompiled the kernel and was expecting to work.

But the system boots no longer. It gave me a kernel panic message, unable to mount root partition (/dev/sda1) or 08:00. This partition, /dev/sda1, is correct.

did you build/install/use initrd? I guess you're missing your SCSI card
driver. It may be located on initrd.

do you have the whole error message?

I followed the instructions in the site I've mentioned above to recompile the kernel, but this problem drove me crazy. I copied the config file available on the site and one at /boot folder to /usr/src/KERNEL_VERSION/.config, changed nothing, compiled and the system still doesn't working.

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