Re: how does ntpdate work ?

harm wrote:

in good old sarge there was a script in /etc/init.d/ that would check the
clock with the ntp server(s) in /etc/default/ntpdate. But how does it
works in Etch, since the init.d script is gone ? Of course i can execute
ntpdate but if i want it to sync every 24hrs should i put it
in cron or is there a "hidden" script somewhere to take care of it ?
you'd be better off by installing ntp, which runs ntpd and keeps on top of
the time syncing.

The default configuration should be fine, but you can specify what time
servers to use also instead of the pool.
(do please read the docs!)

but if you are using dialup, you could run a crontab every day to execute
ntpdate instead
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