Re: Dirty spam

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

Install spamassasin and train it. Go to the web archives, find the
offending message(s) and click the corresponding "Report this as Spam"
button on the page for the message. The list admins periodically train
spamassasin on lists.d.o with those messages which are reported as spam.



Quick question on spamassasin: Will this work for those that do not use fetchmail to download mail to server? I simply get my mail by using mozilla-thunderbird. In my case, I guess I'd just click on the "Junk Mail" button, although I'm afraid that it will begin to throw out good messages on this list. However, I don't mind simply deleting. I just thought that I'd make the observation in case there might be other options. Thanks again.

Jose Alburquerque

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