Re: reading MS word files

From: Ken Irving <fnkci@xxxxxxx>
and these in /etc/mailcap:
application/msword; wvMime '%s'; description=Microsoft Word Document;
test=test -n "$DISPLAY"
application/msword; wvText '%s' /dev/stdout; description=Microsoft Word
Document; copiousoutput
application/msword; wordview '%s'; description="MS Word Text";
test=test "$DISPLAY"
application/msword; catdoc '%s'; copiousoutput; description="MS Word Text";

I have no idea which of the three "MS Word Text" translators will be
chosen, though surely that's obvious to a "well trained user". ;-)


That's funny, I am surprised that someone hasn't posted the Gnu RMS anti word

I have to agree it might get tiresome to explain to someone to use save-as txt
option. I got a call the other day from a user that wanted to know what to
do about his c partition he was unable to save more files to that partition
because it was full. I told him to use his uber E drive. When I set up his
windows I told him that C was only for windows files. Then I had to explain
it once again why it was a good idea to do something like that. I am just
waiting for a call to reinstall the disk image, then he will thank me later.

I kind of see this as the same type of thing as top posting, no matter how
many times you tell them, or post links to why its bad they still do it.
After about five e-mail returns they complain that my e-mails are hard to
read and want to start another subject. So they start another subject, and I
fill in the other e-mail Yeah I know it's mean. I also tell them they can
trim my e-mails, but do they nope! Then if it's really important and I bottom
post sometimes they don't even bother to read it, because they think it's a

So yes I think that a user aptitude test would be useful, to teach the basics
of computer literacy.


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