Re: A Question About Aptitude


On Sat, Nov 04, 2006 at 05:51:05AM -0600, Russell L. Harris wrote:
I am running a fresh install (two weeks ago) of Etch, and I have been
using synaptic to install and update packages.

As a result of discussions on this thread, I just ran aptitude.

Aptitude tells me that there is a broken package, and suggested that,
because of dependency problems, I remove exim4, exim4-base,
exim4-daemon-light, ftp, netbase, nfs-common, ntp, ntp-simple, ntp-date,
openbsd-inetd, pidentd, telnet and I install nbstmp.

What distribution are you running? I do not see nbstmp. Are you using
non-Debian repository?

Did you check oter combinaion of actions which may be less troublesome.
Use "," and "." to see different way of avoiding broken dependency under
latest aptitude.

What is going on here? It appears to me that it is aptitude which needs
to be uninstalled.

Sorry to hear your trouble.

It seems to be a steap learning curve experience for you. I do not know
how you ended up like this. Maybe you just did not notice broken
dependencies until you are told.

I suspect that the operation proposed by aptitude
would render my installation unusable and likely irreparable.

I am sure aptitude asked you if particular action is OK or not. You
pressed yes. You could have stopped it there.

My inclination is to trust synaptic.

I am not forcing anyone to use any tool. Sharp tool tends to cause
trouble if the user are not careful especially when learning. But sharp
tool can be fun once you get to use to it.

Just for your information

See popcon result. Most people use apt or aptitude these days.

Mixing installation tool may be the source of trouble. I really do not

For people facing similar situation, I recommend to go to
selectionscreen to the bottom "Tasks" and install packages under
Enduser. Then you get minimum system with X and packages there tends to
be just the standard ones only.


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