Re: what's up with all the attitude

On Wednesday 08 November 2006 17:19, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
On Mon, 6 Nov 2006 10:10:34 -0500, Kamaraju Kusumanchi
<kamaraju@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
On Monday 06 November 2006 10:02, Greg Folkert wrote:
Couple of lists I am on, the matter of factly answers are all RTFM
with exact locations and nothing else.

If that is the case, the developers need to rewrite the manual in a
way which is understood by others. The content is probably OK but
may need reorganization. Getting RTFM questions does not always mean
that the reader is/was lazy to search for answers...

just my 2 cents raju

Your 2 cents would go a lot further if you actually provided
a patch for the documentation -- since you are a user, and presumably
know better than the developers what is actually understandable, the
problem is more likely to get fixed.

May we depend on your contribution to make the documentation

Yes, indeed. What is the point of preaching others if I dont do it myself? If
I am using a software package and if I feel that newbies are having trouble
with the documentation, I will definitely try to make it better in whatever
way I can ...

For example, sometime back this list used to be flooded with "which
distribution should I install - stable, testing, unstable?" and other similar
questions. I asked those questions to be included in some sort of FAQ. Upon
receiving no official response, I tried to put whatever I know in

I do not normally send patches because there is no guarantee that they will be
accepted after you put in all the effort. Instead I try to update
corresponding entries in etc.,


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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