ViewSonic Widescreen and resolution settings

Hello all,

I just got a new ViewSonic VG2230 widescreen LCD monitor for my Debian
Testing box. After I installed it I ran "dpkg-reconfigure -phigh
xserver-xorg". It seemingly correctly configured xorg.conf for a
resolution of 1680x1050 as recommended by the booklet that came with
the monitor. However, when I started up X the vertical is off.
There's about 2 inches of extra screen space at the top so that when I
move the mouse cursor up to the top of the screen the whole screen
shifts and I lose my bottom taskbar (KDE).

So I manually edited the conf file and changed it to 1600x1000
(keeping the same ratio). This appears to have worked (no more extra
space). Because the monitor is such a big change from what I'm used
to I can't tell entirely if the shapes of the letters are distorted at
all (at 1680 x 1000 it was obvious) but they appear fine. Is it fine
to leave it at this? Should it be able to do 1680x1050? Is there
some extra configuration I'm missing?

Also, the screen is huge. I'd never really notice what letters looked
like before. There's a certain fuzziness around each of the letters
on the screen that I think is related to anti-aliasing perhaps. It's
fairly noticeable though I imagine I could get used to it. Again, is
there a setting somewhere that would improve the look?

David Bellows

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