Re: getting xorg working on an old box .....

Jakub Narojczyk wrote:

> Hi gdm and kdm are both "resource consumeing" so i recomend using xdm or
> just startx command on an old machine. Especially when You're short on
> RAM.

Yes they are. gdm a lot more so than kdm (I chucked gdm because I
thought it was even too slow on my 3GHz Athlon).

Indeed, so why even install them, right? (as it was originally
proposed --> startx would do the trick)

> After running the window manager the ?dm's don't do nothing more
> than stay in the memory till You finish Your xsession.

Actually they will be swapped out, so after the actual X session starts,
they won't consume any valuable RAM.

Anyway, I agree with your advice: Use xdm, or no desktop manager at all.


I kinda jumped in late on this one, but here's my 2 cents: using a
light window-manager (fluxbox, for instance) will also help (as
opposed to something exotic [in this case] as kdm or gnome).

Best regards,


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