Re: replying to a message in debian-user

On Thursday 25 January 2007 10:26, Easthope wrote:
When I work at home, thunderbird can send a
reply to a message posted on this list.

Presumeably it sends the Message-id of the
preceeding message, or a thread identifier
to the list maintenance program to allow
connecting the new message into the correct

Thunderbird is not available when I am away
from home. Then I must use a Web based MUA,
MailSite Express version 7.0.3, Rockliffe
Email Server.

In this circumstance, is there any way to
reply to a message so that the thread
connection is maintained?

Well, if your web-based MUA supports it, it can and should do threading
correctly. Barring that, as long as the subject stays intact, often other
people's MUA will do pseudo-threading by subject line if there is no other
threading information in the headers.

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