Re: A simple question FORK! Something that bugs me about net-installs and security

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On 01/26/07 19:03, Hodgins Family wrote:
Many people are installing Debian "from the internet". Yet, the Securing
Debian Manual suggests no contact with the internet until the
installation is "secure."

The manual states that installing the OS off the web is not the best
idea (Section 3.3 found here: )

Is the manual WRONG about net installs?

Did you *read* the link you posted?

3.3 Do not plug to the Internet until ready

The system should not be immediately connected to the Internet
during installation.
If you cannot do this, you can set up firewall rules to limit
access to the system while doing the update (see Security
update protected by a firewall, Appendix F).

Are net installs (let's say for a Desktop environment) totally without
vulnerability risks?

When, during an installation, do/should people think about
security/vulnerability issues of the software they are installing?

Actually, not much. Firewalling routers are $50 and do a reasonably
good job.

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