Re: sarge/woody upgrade - boot problem

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On 03/01/07 19:10, Arlie Stephens wrote:
On Mar 01 2007, Ron Johnson wrote:
On 03/01/07 18:22, Arlie Stephens wrote:
On Mar 01 2007, Ron Johnson wrote:
On 03/01/07 09:48, Arlie Stephens wrote:
I'll make one tonight, and try re-installing LILO.
Then I'll doubtless be on to the next problem, but it's a stage in the
right direction. Thank you very much.
You know, it would be much faster if you just do a direct install of
Etch, wiping out (before, of course, saving all mods from /etc...)
everything except /home.

*sigh* You are the second person to suggest in effect never actually
upgrading a debian system,

We'd *never* say that.

or at least never going from woody to

Sure we *would* have, and we *did*. 21 months ago, when Stable
Sarge was new.

Now, you've got to upgrade from Woody to Sarge and then soon upgrade
from Sarge to Etch. That 2-step process is much slower and
error-prone than the one-step wipe-and-install Etch.

I'd be much happier is this had happened *after* etch became
officially stable. There's been a lot of churn in the last month or
so, and I'm concerned that somehow having started before it went
stable will get me into similar problems, some time in the future,
updating (or upgrading) etch. Plus, I already have one system on etch,
and it's needing a lot of updating - even while I'm still working on
sorting out the gotchas and normal systems administration chores to
get it into active use. (Serves me right for going with 'testing', but
the improved X support is almost worth the added hassle ;-))

Keeping up with Etch/testing on a bi-weekly basis (famous last
words) shouldn't be too onerous.

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