Re: Very slow network - Ubuntu

Greg Folkert wrote:
On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 22:18 -0400, Marty wrote:
If in the future I decide to use a spinoff distribution, it's valuable to know
that I can still get support from Debian users. Of course, this would be
done only after seeking support from uses of the spinoff distro, as the OP in this thread did.

Okay, he is trying to get support for an older version of Ubuntu. Dapper
is not the current version of Ubuntu. Init system drives the driver
initialization. Drivers not properly being loaded is exactly in the init

I can't seem to find any references to abh@xxxxxxxxxx on any,
including or or

It is a fake e-mail address.

Original message say he searched and found nothing.

To quote:
I have searched ubuntu forums to no avail. My network connection
has slowed down considerably since I installed Ubuntu Dapper
(6.06.1 LTS) I have disabled ipv6 in /etc/aliases and Firefox,
still slow by about 50%.

What does that tell you? No he never asked the questions. I find no
references to his e-mail address on lists.u.c or any "*hmeda" user or
any signatures in ubuntuforums. Not to mention I've found several
threads that address this specific issue. I don't think he has good
faith when telling us he looked.

At Ubuntu forums, I found at least 8 different threads around the same subject (Slow Ubuntu) spanning about 3 versions of the distro. Did the same on Google. All suggestions were pretty much the same:disable/blacklist ipv6, which I have. What do you think the answer would have been if I had asked the same question again? Probably something along the lines of "This question has already been answered a million times, why don't you search...etc." or "Disable ipv6". I asked the question here because I know that the wealth and depth of information on this list is great. FYI, I have been lurking here for years and got my Sarge support here, without asking a single question. So you can guess how desperate I was by subscribing to the list and daring to ask...eek, I'll stick to lurking.

I think this comes down to the fact that he is a bad question asker and
not even in the proper venue. Doesn't know how to search and I believe
his real problem comes down to DNS resolution issues or /var issues or

So, AFAIC, we have been duped and he garners nothing more than a "Hey
install Edgy, until then don't come back" pretty soone if he waits long
enough, it'll be a "Hey install Fiesty, until then don't come back"

His excuse is "3 years of security support". Big deal, Woody had nearly
4.5 years of security support. The LTS releases from Ubuntu are
supported by Ubuntu, not Debian. I am not at all ready to support some
thing foreign to Debian for 3 years. Unless he pays cash on the barrel
head. Then I will fix the problem.

But my webcam, for example, didn't work on woody, Sarge nor FC5 (for obvious reasons). Enter Ubuntu, IMO, a fully functional desktop, based on my favorite distro, except for this tiny quirk that only exists in one out of two machines running the same distro. So, I think that picking LTS was damn good excuse.

And last but far from least, Ubuntu has a significantly different init
system than Debian right now. PLUS they install zeroconf by default and
causes headaches every where.

One other thing, *IF* he changed /var to a separate filesystem after the
install, there are some significant problems that will occur. Like; a
network interface not coming up properly, or a DNS resolution issue to
name a couple. These come back to the divergence of Ubuntu from Debian
as the Debian helpers don't know about the /var/run and /var/lock
issues. I've dealt with this problem numerous times with Ubuntu Dapper.

I know more about Ubuntu Dapper and Edgy than I'd like to admit, but
still he is not asking in the right venue.

I'm also asking in comp.os.linux.networking, the suggestions over there are actually quite interesting. Thanks.

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