Re: Desktop user: Etch or the next testing?

On 4/4/07, Wei Chen <wchenhk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 08:33:49PM +0800, Wei Chen wrote:
>> Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
>>> So why not do both? Assuming that all your hardware runs under Etch,
>>> have a good etch setup that "just works", on one set of
>>> partitions/drives. Put /home on its own partition. Put Lenny on its
>>> own set of partitions. Then you can:
>>> Boot Etch and run etch's apps to get work done.
>>> Boot Etch and run Lenny's apps in a chroot to test out new
>>> features. This is simpler than compiling newer versions from
>>> source.
>>> Boot Lenny to see how its working.
>>> The first two can be done concurrently by different users.
>> I've never done it. I always set only one partition on the disk and put
>> everything in it whenever it is possible. I know there is chroot jail
>> and one can put a program in it (and copy all shared libraries that it
>> depends) to run. I've also heard (a little) of debootstrap using which
>> one can run a whole Debian operating system in a chroot jail. But I have
>> never had a chance to try those things. :)
> Since you said you sometimes like to play, now's your chance.
I found that "chroot" can only be run by root. Why cannot it be run as a
normal user?

From the Wikipedia page on chroot:
"Only the root user can perform a chroot. This is intended to prevent
users from putting a setuid program inside a specially-crafted chroot
jail (for example, with a fake /etc/passwd file) that would fool it
into giving out privileges. It also, however, prevents non-root users
from using the chroot mechanism to create sandboxes of their own."

Also see the schroot package.

> I _always_ put /home on its own partition if nothing else.
I do not put /home on a separate partition because I never know how much
space I need for personal files and how much space I need for system
files. If I have another physical disk, I'd rather put backups on it.

I used to have that problem. But then I learnt about lvm and I now set
it up everytime, even on single disk systems, so that I have the
flexibility of being able to resize everything later.

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