Re: Debian Etch can not startx

On Sun, 03 Jun 2007 04:45:30 -0000
rocky <rocky2winnie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I got a very old PC which was purchased 6 years ago. I use Debian
netinstall CD installed the base Debian etch system. I have been
trying to install basic GUI on it. Therefore I execute the following
command:[QUOTE]#aptitude update
aptitude install twm x-window-system[/QUOTE]

I was asked for some questions regarding to my hardware. I was not
quite sure whether my answer is right because I'm quite new to
computer hardware and I have no means to find the manuals for the old


Thanks a lot in advance!

I suggest to boot from a live CD (Knoppix, for example), and watch the
output carefully during the boot process. This is a good way to know
more about your hardware since it tests everything, and displays some
useful information, including refresh rates of your monitor and much


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