Re: Issues dist-upgrading Etch to Lenny - 1 week old

On 6/16/07, Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

while this is annoying, its certainly the least of your problems. In
fact, I recommend you purge apt-listbugs until you fix the rest of

OK, I did that.

you have a broken package and its been going on for months? that's not
good and could have repercussions throughout the system. eventually
these errors could propogate through all kinds of stuff.

It's broken in the sense that it fails to retrieve the bug lists, but I
just have ignored
that for now. The "proxy" warning is something I have not yet found a fix
for. So I just
have been bypassing that step in my upgrade regimen.

apt-cache policy libgphoto2

dfox@m206-157:~$ apt-cache policy libgphoto2-2
Installed: 2.3.1-5
Candidate: 2.3.1-5
Version table:
*** 2.3.1-5 0
500 testing/main Packages
500 testing/main Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

and why do you have libgphoto2-2-dev installed? are you building

I was at one point, needed it. Right now, probably not.

Again I recommend you remove libgphoto2 and the stuff that depends on
it. You can always reinstall it later. Then you can complete your

Well, If I try that, I get output that removing libgphoto2-2 wants to
remove digikam (which I
use) kamera, kde, and a slew of other things. I know kde is just a
metapackage and I can
install it later. Maybe that is what I'll do after I get a number of other
tasks done first and can
manage to get out of X, since removing KDE whilst using it is like pulling
out the rug from under
oneself :).

> tetex-extra

do you use tetex? specifically, do you use kdvi and tetex-extra? if
not, then let them go.

Actually, no I don't. But I can't remove kdvi because of the dependency on
kdegraphics (which I
use) and that further dependson KDE, so that wants to remove docbook-utils,
jadetex, kde &

I have some questions for you:

1. WHich desktop are you using? You've got gnome, kde and xfce
installed. If you use them all, great, but if not, you might remove
one or more to help clean up this situation. The fewer packages you
have to upgrade, the smoother things go.

I use KDE. I have gnome and sfce4 installed - i was experimenting with them,
there are a few things in there I like, but I mainly use KDE as my default
environment. I guess I have gnome in there because when I did a first
install of
etch/testing a long time ago, it automatically installed gnome.

2. You say you were running etch before, when it was in testing, but
when was this? When did you start running etch? The reason I ask is
etch had been very stable and usable for quite a while before the move

I had run it since roughly November 2005, after migrating to debian from
Mandrake and
through mepis. I installed the system initially with a jigdo snapshot. I've
been doing
upgrades periodically since then. Mostly it works just fine - although the
to xserver-xorg transition didn't work positively well.

Once etch went stable I figured I'd sit and wait. I asked for advice from
some people on another
mailing list, and some people opted for stable and others (including some
comments in
debian-user) said to wait a bit. Well, I waited maybe 6 weeks I guess (etch
went stable in
the second week of April, and I moved in the second week of May, and finally
resolved my
bandwidth situation about two weeks later).

3. How do you normally upgrade your system? In testing and unstable,
you should routinely be running dist-upgrades. There is a lot of

I had mostly done aptitude update && aptitude upgrade, mostly once a
week when I was running etch/testing. Once in a while doing a dist-upgrade
helped something.


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