Re: Strange reaction to keyboard at first login

* Chris Bannister (mockingbird@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 12:13:22PM -0500, cothrige wrote:
Well, not that I can see. But, I will admit that I am likely
overlooking something. The complaint, "input: AT Translated Set 2
keyboard as /class/input/input4", is in /var/log/messages. Earlier in
the same file there are more of the same, but instead of
/class/input/input4 they say /class/input/input0. I don't remember if
that ever came up on screen, but I only remember the input4 quite
recently, and I think these older ones predate my current kernel and
the problem I am dealing with right now.

So, have you found the problem?

Nope. Sad to say I have not. I have looked into the possible
modules, and I could only find one which seems a candidate for my
problem, ATKBD, and I have this compiled in. I have yet to find
anything else which may give a clue as to what exactly is going wrong
and so I am just not quite sure what I can tweak right now. I have
considered recompiling the kernel and using the above as a module and
seeing what happens then, but since I have never used that as a module
before I am just not very confident it will help.

In the meantime I have simply developed a habit of tapping the enter
key twice after booting, and this clears the trouble. I don't like
that, and I really do think things should work, but at least
everything seems to operate until I can get actually find out what is
going wrong.


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