Re: Some ALSA apps stopped working

Thanks for the suggestions, Nigel.

Nigel Henry wrote:
On Thursday 28 June 2007 12:08, Chris Lale wrote:
Some of my Etch sound apps have stopped working: Audacity, RealPlayer 10,
XMMS. Others continue to work OK: gxine, mplayer, VLC Media Player.

Hi Chris. Is this [...] an existing install, and some have just stopped
working? [...]

Yes. The apps have stopped working on my desktop machine.

Seems like something has grabbed the soundcard, and won't let go. You could
try disabling ESD, Gnomes sound daemon, if you're using Gnome, or aRTs sound
server if you're using KDE. They are often responsible for this sort of

Both esd and arts are disabled and there are no processes for either.

I can fix XMMS by changing the output plugin from OSS to ALSA (right-click
-> Options -> Preferences -> Output Plugin. This should not be necessary -
my Etch laptop works perfectly through ALSA with the Output Plugin set to

I can fix RealPlayer and Audacity by installing alsa-oss and running them
from a terminal using "aoss realplay" and "aoss audacity". I am sure that
this should not be necessary either.

I always install alsa-oss as a matter of course, and didn't think that
RealPlayer would work without it, as it's an OSS app. Same goes for Audacity

The above fixes work for the affected desktop machine. On my laptop alsa-oss is
not installed. Nevertheless, Audacity loads and plays files. I have installed
realplayer and
it worked first time.

Does running ps auxw show anything using the sound. Some daemon or other?

No oss or arts daemons. Nothing else related to sound that I can see.

Over to you.

Both machines have Etch up to date.

The laptop has /dev/dsp, the affected desktop does not. Perhaps this device is
needed by alsa for the affected applications? I tried to create the device with

# cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV -v sound

but the command created the devices in /dev/.static/dev/ because udev is active.
Both machines have udev. Is there another way to create /dev/dsp?


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