Re: Computer freezes with linux-image-2.6.21-2

Mirco Piccin escribió:
Sorry, but i'd like to understand well:

when you pc froze?
during boot up?
or after login?
is a workstation or a server?

It could happens:
for example if you have compiled any module/driver for you video card for the old kernel and not for the new;

Pls explain better your situation.

No, I did not compile anything special... but I do a lot of extensive CPU use (java, eclipe, postgres, apache, php, jboss all running together) but as I said before nothing happened while having the other kernel... :'( Anyhow I have recompiled the kernel deactivating paravirtualization (it's marked as experimental and I do not use it anyway) option and I will give another try.
At home (the problem is at my job) I use a compiled k7 (no paravirtualization so I can use original nvidia driver) and no problem so far either...

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