Re: /dev/cdrom & /dev/dvd symlinks and udev

Wackojacko <wackojacko32@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

See /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-cd.rules this is auto generated
by the script in /etc/udev/. I think you can change these around if
you set the $GENERATED variable to 0 (from comments in file).



Many thanks for the tip, and I will go and look there. I will admit
that I was a bit nervous about poking around too much in the present
files as so many howtos and so on made a big deal about making your

Strange thing is that I finally got so fed up with this that just
decided to delete the symlinks and recreate them for what I needed. I
figured that at least until the next boot I would have /dev/cdrom where
I needed it and cd players and so on would work. What shocked me was
that they were still that way after reboot. So now I am wondering if
udev is even setting this stuff? I had made a rule in 010-local.rules
for my mp3 player, a USB mass storage device, and that has worked fine
from the moment I first restarted udev, even though nothing was
affecting the dvd and cdrom symlinks. So, I knew that the rules were
being implemented, but the ones for cdrom and dvd were not doing what
they should. It is all a bit confusing to me.

Thanks again,


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